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About Soundline

Founded in 1986, Soundline was the very first company to bring audio to the promotional products industry. From cassette to CDROM, USB and through the cloud, Soundline is an innovative source of ideas and products to reach today’s digital word. By fusing the cloud with tangible delivery products, Soundline continues to pioneer new ideas for branding, appreciation recognition, motivation, education brand reinforcement, and gifts.

How to Order from Soundline

Soundline products are only available through a selective network of promotional products distributors nationwide. We will be glad to provide you with names of our distributors or please consult with your current sources who identify as ASI, SAGE or PPAI recognized distributors.

Masterpiece Media

Soundline was first to present audio and data promotions. Today, MasterpieceMedia offers content on digital media including CD, DVD, and USB. MaterpieceMedia provides the highest grade of products including medical grade CDROM and secure downloads. Masterpiecemedia is proud of its award-winning media decorating translating into the most exceptional quality made for our clients.

Sound Ideas

In a vast see of promotional ideas, Soundline concentrates in specific areas of focus often in well-defined groups. With this concentration, Soundline can present solutions for specific needs such as safety, distracted driving campaigns, health, wellness and more. Soundline’s global sourcing add to our capabilities to find additional products to add to campaigns.

Acclaim Greeting Cards

The pioneer in printing traditional greeting cards for business to business and business to client messaging. From Christmas and holiday cards to employee recognition, anniversary, birthday and special days. The acclaim collection is vast. With digital printing, Acclaim delivers variable data and so much more. The cornerstone of acclaim cards is the addition of a gift within the card. A CD or music download adds so much more for a minimal investment. Long after the occasion or celebration is over, the gift of music is there as a remembrance of you and your company. No other greeting card company can deliver the complete value of Acclaim by Soundline.

Soundline Press

Press is a boutique of special products where our expertise in promotion can help produce printed and digital graphics to accomplish marketing goals. Variable data printing is a staple within Soundline’s capability and expertise. VDP is a strong factor in increasing response rates and readership of print media.

Soundline Catalogs

While print is not dead, Soundline is continually producing digital Zip/Zoom catalogs to make presentation and selection easier for both our distributors and their clients.