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Why buy from Soundline?

Proven quality, creativity, service and guaranteed compliance of all copyright laws. Our organization and national representatives bring a tremendous expertise unequalled in our market. Our products are backed with a guarantee of satisfaction.

How can I order a Soundline product?

Our products may be ordered only through promotional product agencies worldwide. We will provide a list of authorized agencies if you provide your zip code. If you already are working with an authorized company, you can reference us by name (Soundline), our ASI# 88241 or UPIC #1Soundln.

What is a promotional product distributor?

These are talented, multi-faceted companies who provide creative program design services in areas of sales promotion, incentives and awards. They integrate a world of products and capabilities into a comprehensive solution for your business. Soundline backs this network with our unique capabilities.

Can I be a Soundline distributor?

Only companies who are members of PPAI, ASI or SAGE can qualify.

Can I purchase online?

Only through an authorized source. By providing your zip code, we will provide a choice of our authorized distributors.

Where do you ship from?

Generally, our FOB points are North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Minnesota.

How long is production?

? Production varies from same day service to long deliveries. Stock catalog product can be shipped in 3-6 working days. Orders requiring special features may take more time. Custom products require 10-15 working days from all approvals. Check with our factory.

Are rights covered in your prices?

Yes, all music cataloged by Soundline complies with all laws. Soundline is responsible for all rights and royalties. Custom compilations, unless otherwise indicated, include all rights and royalty payments.

What is original artist music?

This is a general term referring to the performance of a popular tune as recorded by a given artist. It is generally the version that made the song popular, received airplay and was released as an album or single recording.

What is cover or studio music?

 This is music recorded by professional singers and musicians in studios worldwide. They are not well known by name, but have outstanding talent. They often record in a style that emulates the original artist. Because they are not famous stars, their performances cost less and result in a lower cost per unit.

What is public domain?

The US has copyright laws that are regulated by Congress. When a song is written, it is protected by the law for a term time. When the protection expires, the song falls into the public domain. Songs written in the early 1900's and before are now in the public domain. This applies only to the song rights, not the recording. Example: Mozart's Clair De Lune is in the public domain, but the recording by The New York Philharmonic is not.

Can you make copies of my CDs?

Yes, we either duplicate or replicate CDs and DVDs. All legal requirements must be met.

What is IRMA?

IRMA is an agreement to impede recording piracy by the International Recording Media Association. It is for the protection of the artists, composers, writers and designers of properties put on CDs and other digital media. Compliance is mandatory for Soundline to produce any product with client supplied content. Appropriate papers are provided prior to production.

What is CD/DVD replication?

That is an OEM process where the product (CD or DVD) is produced from raw materials. This generally requires a minimum run of 1,000 units.

What is CD/DVD duplication?

Taking an original and making a one to one copy. The CD has been pre-manufactured and the content is copied one at a time. This can be done in volume by using a master recording and multiple slave units. Postproduction, the CD face or case is decorated.

How are CDs decorated?

The preferable methods are silk screening, digital and offset printing.

Do CDs decay or lose data?

Tests indicate, thus far, a long life if stored correctly. Data is inconclusive for life expectancy beyond 25-50 years.

Can I select songs for my promotional CD?

Yes, but there is a minimum. Unlike services where you can download a single song for .99 cents, a promotional CD requires rights and royalties of a different nature. In quantities of 1000 or more, it is possible to have a CD created with songs from a given year for an anniversary, reunion, etc. A CD can be created with songs having a word like "red", "pride", "money", etc. in the title. A custom CD with original artist songs requires quantities of 15M or greater and artist approvals must be secured for production.

Do you do content?

Yes, we have writers, illustrators and designers. Each project is customized to the exact needs of our clients. Estimates for production are given based upon the project, time and talent levels needed

Can I change the words to a song and have Soundline record it?

Yes, there are quantity minimums. Rights and permission will have to be obtained prior to production.

Can I buy one CD and make copies?

You would be making a serious mistake as you will, no doubt, be violating federal copyright laws and face stiff fines and punishment.

How do I know the music I buy on the internet is legal?

 It is your responsibility to check your source. Being in possession of stolen property, and being unaware that it is, does not provide you with a good defense in court.

What is a jewel case?

It is the traditional form of packaging in which a CD is sold in the retail market. There are different styles and colors. It is molded plastic.

What does the term CD label mean?

It generally means how the surface of the CD itself (face) is decorated. It is not to be taken literally as a printed adhesive label.

What is the CD face?

The printed side of the CD.

What is a CD Cover? What are liner notes?

The term generally refers to the printed paper insert that goes into the plastic jewel case. The insert can be a single sheet 4 ¾" x 4 ¾" or be multiple sheets in a bound booklet form.

What is a tray liner?

The piece of paper that sits under the tray and has side panels often called wings. The side panels allow you to see the title of the CD when it sits on a storage shelf. Tray liners are printed together with covers.

Are your CDs shrink wrapped?

They are not individually shrink wrapped unless that is specifically requested by the client and quoted.

What is a CDR?

A blank/recordable CD. Soundline produces CDRs and can custom decorate and package these as needed.

What is a "C" Shell or Clam Shell?

A "Tupperware" type case made of pliable clear plastic.

What do you replicate and duplicate?

We offer complete replication services and packaging for CDs, CDROMs, DVDs.

Do you offer print?

We offer a variety of print service including high resolution digital, silk screening and litho. Different print processes are used to match a specific need and quantity requirement.

Do you do individual drop ship?

We will do split ship and individual drop ship.

What is Greeting Card Concierge Service?

We take the name, address and other appropriate information and personalize a product for the recipient. We take the personalized product and do individual fulfillment.

Do CDs break in the mail?

We refrain from any comment about the US Postal System other than saying anything can break in the mail. If a product is mailed by Soundline, we guarantee its safe arrival, regardless of fault, and will replace a damaged product at no cost. Mail-safe rigid mailers are available for our CD greeting cards. Corrugated mailers are available for jewel cases.

What does a CD weigh?

Alone, a CD is approximately one ounce; in a greeting card, approximately 2 ounces (with mailer, 3 ounces); in a plastic jewel case approximately 3 ounces.

What is Front Line (or Retail) Music?

This is a term that generally applies to popular music found on retail store racks. Soundline is an active wholesale/retail outlet for volume orders of popular music from record labels such as SONY, EMI, Universal, etc.

What if a CD is not in your catalog?

Soundline has access to virtually any CD "in print". In approximately 7 days, Soundline can ship any frontline CD. Special orders must be prepaid and are non-returnable.

How are greeting cards personalized?

Our default method is digitally printing your logo or copy.

Can I have my own message put anywhere into the CD's audio track?

Generally, yes. There must be a minimum of 1,000 and certain CDs are restricted by license. You can provide the audio or our professional announcers will record your message.